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SquawkBox – July 3, 2008 – Greg Clinton with Talk Soup, and a conversation about identi.ca

On today’s show we had special guest Greg Clinton, developer of a new
application called Talk Soup that lets people easily start podcasting.
Available at the URL http://talk.appspot.com/ , the application involves
two people simply calling each other, talking for some period of time and
then at the end of the call both agreeing to share the content on the web.
The MP3 file is then made available on the website and through RSS feeds.

The technical side may be of most interest to many of our listeners because
Greg and his son developed this application using:

  • Google App Engine for hosting the web pages and user database
  • Amazon EC2 for hosting the streaming audio server that connects the two participants
  • Facebook for user authentication, names and pictures/avatars.

Making use of these resources out in the “cloud”, Greg and company were
able to rapidly develop this application without dealing with server
hardware nor getting into authentication issues with usernames and
passwords, etc.

It was an enjoyable conversation and we with Greg, his son and their
colleagues all the best as they continue developing this application.

After Greg left the call we continued for a bit discussing the new service,
identi.ca, which aims to be an open source version of Twitter.  We talked
about what the service might mean in the future and what it means for
developers to have some Twitter-like code they can now play with and hack
away on. (Some of this I discussed in my recent post on Disruptive Conversations.)

On the call: Dan York (host), Greg Clinton (guest), David Brown, Dameon
Welch-Abernathy, Jeanette Fisher, William Volk, Jeb Brilliant and Ian Hood.

Show notes and links (including our identi.ca URLs) can be found at:


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