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Squawk Box – June 30, 2008

On today’s SquawkBox (June 30), we talked a lot about the changes at Microsoft and what may be next for the company.

With Bill Gates formally departing Microsoft (see his farewell speech), much of the conversation has been about “what comes next” for Microsoft. We talked a small bit about that and particularly Steve Gillmor’s view.

Today was also the day that Microsoft stops selling XP to consumers… and we talked a bit about some perspectives on that:

We briefly discussed Google’s recent announcements around helping academia move into cloud computing with the general view that this was just a good thing.

Finally, we spent some time on Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg’s comments over the weekend disparaging the iPhone and Steve Jobs.

On the call: Dan York (host), Brad Jones, Carl Ford, Dameon Welch-Abernathy, Jeb Brilliant, Ian Hood, William Volk and Michael Pruyn.

More information and the chat session during the call can be found on the call’s web page.

See you tomorrow on the Squawk Box!

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