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JAJAH bags Robertson's Gizmo5

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You may recall a few weeks ago that JAJAH announced that they had won Yahoo’s call termination business. Essentially, Yahoo outsourced their network to JAJAH.  That’s a great deal for JAJAH.

This morning they’ve done it again, announcing a relationship with Michael Robertson‘s Gizmo5.  In essence, Gizmo5 will do the same deal with JAJAH as Yahoo! did.  JAJAH gets millions of new customers, and Gizmo5 gets a reliable and more cost effective infrastructure.  It might tempt me to try Gizmo5 again.

Said Gizmo5 President Jason Droege, ““The JAJAH platform was chosen because of the simplicity of implementation, reliability and the ability to expand our software globally.  With Gizmo5 leveraging the JAJAH platform, we have the ability to break into the huge untapped market for VoIP. Because this partnership brings together simple telephony, innovation and quality for the masses, we aim to reach the ninety percent of Internet users who don’t currently use VoIP.”

JAJAH has been successful at scooping up some of the smaller players with their JAJAH managed services platform.  Does anyone want to take bets on whether they can land one of the big fish?  How about Skype?

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  • Frederik Hermann June 26, 2008, 5:01 pm

    Thanks a lot Alec, I highly appreciate your support! Don't you think Yahoo! is quite a big fish already 😉

  • Alec June 26, 2008, 7:58 pm

    Of course, Frederik :) My mistake!

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