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Squawk Box June 24 – Calliflower

The tables were turned this morning, as Adam Somer interviewed Howard and I.   Some time ago, Adam offered his services as an interviewer if we ever decided that we wanted to be on the SquawkBox.  We took him up on it today, the day of the launch of Calliflower, iotum’s fresh new approach to business conference calling.

You can listen to the podcast to find out what was said.  There were a lot of good questions about iotum, the service we’re offering and our market strategies.  And if that’s not enough you can find more details in the press kit we’ve put online as well!

Rather than recap the call, however, I’d like to pay tribute to the teams that helped to get us here – the team at Toronto’s Idea Couture who helped us with the design and naming of Calliflower, the always incredible team at Andy Abramson’s Comunicano in San Diego who stick handled our launch PR, DevShop’s Craig Fitzpatrick who stepped in to provide some backup on site development when the job was obviously larger than we could handle, our own amazing development team who pulled an all-nighter  yesterday to put the finishing touches on the application so we could launch today, our Chairman Randall Howard who was a constant fount of guidance, wisdom and clarity as we sought to launch Calliflower on a punishing schedule, and my business partner Howard Thaw who has been a constant friend and mentor throughout the life of our company.

Without the incredible efforts of these folks, Calliflower wouldn’t have happened.

I want to make one other observation.  Since our inception we’ve been known as a company with great technology and technical vision. As we built our conference call service, users began to tell us how much they liked what we had built, to suggest new ways for that technology to be used and to ask for new features.  That’s how we ended up being the conferencing service behind Steve Gillmor’s very popular NewsGang Live show, for instance.  Calliflower is the realization of those needs and desires. As such, it represents a maturing of our company too.  The popularity of Calliflower, and the enthusiasm users have for it make it a vehicle that allows us, as a company, to focus on great market execution as well as technology.

With us on the conference call this morning: Adam Somer, Jim Courtney, Dameon Welch-Abernathy, Martyn Davies, Dan York, Frank Abrams, Brad Jones, Dave Brown, Randall Howard, Howard Thaw, Jeanette Fisher, Julien Raynal, Bill Volk, Jeb Brilliant, Ian Hood, James Body, and Hudson Barton.

Enjoy the call.

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  • omfut June 25, 2008, 7:32 am

    Congratulations Alec for the new product. Wish you all the success. I loved the site design. The colors used for the web client has blended very well. It kind of gives a flash feel. I always wondered what next for iotum, this is great start.


  • Mum June 25, 2008, 4:14 pm

    Good on you boy and everyone else!!

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