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Squawk Box June 17

It’s more than a decade after Mark Andreeson made his famous comment that the browser was the new OS. You know, the one that led to the browser wars of the 1990’s, and Microsoft’s antitrust trial? Today we discussed browsers and browser technology.

First, there’s the release of Firefox 3.0, and today is the day that the Mozilla Foundation has declared “download Firefox day”. Everyone on the call planned to download Firefox 3.0, and we had a fairly detailed feature dump from Dan York.

Second, there was a fabulous little piece on Techdirt titled The Browser is the New Operating System, which we debated.

And finally, we had a short discussion about the new E66 and E71 phones released by Nokia.

On the call: Jeanette Fisher, Hudson Barton, Dan York, Jeb Brilliant, Ian Hood, Bill Volk, James Body, Jonathan Jensen, Sheryl Breuker, Frank Abrams, and Alaa Ali

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