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SquawkBox June 4

Today pictures of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are splashed across the front page of Valleywag. Nothing unusual in that, except for the fact that both Paris and Lindsay didn’t consent. These were obtained through a fairly simple hack into their MySpace profiles, via Yahoo! Notably: the hack didn’t involve any illegal passwords, just typing in URLs.

ValleyWag used this as an excuse to launch into an attack on the principles behind Data Portability as part of their coverage. We discussed it, and concluded that the model has to begin with privacy, and ensuring that privacy contracts between services are honored, before any discussion of portability.

We also talked a little about what to expect on Monday at the Apple WWDC. Aside from Steve Job’s dress, not much is known. Assuming the keynote is simulcast, we’ll move the SquawkBox until directly afterward.

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