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Know where the WiFi is

From Paris France, Andy writes about the rise of complimentary WiFi this morning. He says his broadband speeds are better than hotels, and all he needed was a code from the waiter.

Like Andy, I’ve been choosing to leave my hotel for broadband access. Hotel broadband has become unreliable, ports are blocked frequently, and I’m finding it impossible to get business done while I travel as a result. Knowing where decent WiFi can be found is turning out to be a critical weapon in the travellers toolkit!

As a result, a key criteria for me in the selection of a hotel is the presence of a nearby Starbucks. It’s pretty easy to figure out, though. For example, I stayed at the Bond in Toronto recently. Typing “starbucks near dundas and bond, toronto” into Google maps resulted in this map:


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  • Jean-Philippe Daigle June 4, 2008, 5:18 am

    Does Starbucks in Canada have free wifi too now? In Ottawa the place to be is Bridgehead. Coffee's better and you get 1 hour of net access with every cup of coffee.

  • Alec June 4, 2008, 5:49 am

    JP – CDN Starbucks aren't free, but if you have a boingo account (currently $9.95/month) Canadian Starbucks are part of the plan.

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