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Squawk Box June 3

24 Hours on Craigslist

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Today we started off with Craigslist’s decision to ban VoIP and prepaid cellular numbers from their system.  We had Cory Andrews and Garrett Smith from VoIP Supply on the line to talk about it with us. Cory had written a blog post for the VoIP Supply Blog yesterday about this.

Generally there was sympathy for Craigslist, but consensus that the approach is too blunt an instrument. 

We also tried to talk about Facebook Open Platform.  Yesterday the API infrastructure, the FBML parser, the FQL parser, and FBJS, as well as implementations of many common methods and tags were released.  However, there was little enthusiasm for this topic on the call. 

On the call: Julie Salgado, Hudson Barton, Don Eidse, Andy Abramson, Dan York, Jim Courtney, Jeanette Fisher, Ari Rabban, Dave Brown, Adam Somer, Ian Hood, Bill Volk, Warren Bent, James Body, Neal Saferstein, Sheryl Breuker, Frank Abrams, Garrett Smith, Cory Andrews, Alon Cohen

Enjoy the conversation

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