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Squawk Box June 2

Last night Adobe unveiled Acrobat.com, an online office suite with collaboration, word processing and more, all built on flash.  We got some first impressions from people who’ve used it, and talked about what Adobe’s entry into the Office in the Cloud sweepstakes really means.

And what about Chris Messina and Robert Scoble’s dialog comparing Facebook to Soviet Russia’s command and control economy?  Messina characterized their choice to have their own APIs as being similar to the Soviet Union’s choice to have wide gauge railway tracks to frustrate an invader coming in by train.   Are they right, as they seem to think, or is the analogy a big misfire as some of their commenters retorted.  We thought they were over the top.

The interesting tension is between the data portability advocates and the privacy advocates.  Facebook’s already pretty good on the privacy, but at the end of last week an official complaint was launched here in Canada alleging all kinds of privacy violations.

And finally, we chatted about Microsoft Echoes, the telecoms platform that leaked out last week.  Om Malik’s assessment was harsh, noting that others already deliver many of the same services.  The services in question –

* Syncs Address book contacts over the air.
* Ensure that IM messages work seamlessly with SMS.
* Windows Live Messenger contacts get local numbers.
* Voice calls from Messenger on PC to mobiles.
* Some sort of presence.

We agreed with Om.  Echoes appears to be a little more than a carrier-focused repackaging of some of Microsoft’s consumer internet offerings.

On the call: James Body, Nick Debarats, Jim Courtney, Don Eidse, Adam Somer, Paul Newcombe, Dave Brown, Hudson Barton, Ian Hood, Brad Jones, Jeanette Fisher

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