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Maxroam saves a mega buck… for their customers

Pat Phelan’s MaxRoam saved my wallet in Barcelona at MWC earlier this year.  Pop one of his SIMs into an unlocked GSM handset, and bob’s your uncle… you’re calling at reasonable roaming rates rather than inflated. For comparison purposes, I was paying somewhere under 40 eurocents (60 cents) per minute for roaming in Spain, as opposed to $3/minute on Rogers. I spent around 60 euros that week instead of close to $500.

It’s nine months in, and Pat says he’s saved his customers over $1 million since he launched.  To celebrate, in the next 24 hours you can top up your MaxRoam SIM at a 9% discount.  Details on his blog.

I’ll be travelling in Europe this summer, and definitely plan to make use of MaxRoam again.

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  • Ma June 18, 2009, 6:39 am

    Do you work for Maxroam? It is a poor excuse for a communications company! They raise their rates, shut off their SIMs, and have no customer service. Anyone that uses Maxroam is a sucker!

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