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Squawk Box May 29 – Guest Trevor Healy

Today we talked with JAJAH CEO Trevor Healy, about the JAJAH Q2 Telecommunications Industry Index. This is a piece of research conducted by JAJAH which reveals industry trends that I think a lot of people on the telephone call had been expecting for some time.

The data was collected from 700 interviews conducted at CTIA, and then a series of C-Level carrier interviewers.

We talked about the following topics:

The biggest fear amongst landline telcos is the loss of fixed line connections: 4/5 of landline telcos put replacement revenue to compensate for landline loss at the top of the agenda. And, related to that, share value and EPS are key driver of product development prioritization: ¾ of CFOs believe landline loss is the single biggest depressant of share value

The majority of carriers rank the addition of Value Added Services to their portfolio as a higher priority than their network: 2/3 of C-Level executives believe Value Added Services are most important factor for increasing loyalty and revenue.

The majority of mobile and fixed line telcos are not sure how to deal with the threat from ‘new-style’ competitors and the ‘talkification of the web’: 2/3 are more concerned about Google than triple-play competitors.

Most telcos do not feel their company has a sufficient IP telephony strategy: 2/3 say IP Telephony represents the future of telecommunications but do not feel their company has a sufficient strategy or platform in place.

International markets carry the hopes of most carriers: 9/10 expect significantly more revenue growth from overseas, rather than home markets. One in three expect to launch in at least two new markets within 24 months.

Lack of funding for infrastructure investment is also a major frustration: 6/10 telcos believe they will outsource a greater proportion of infrastructure development next year than ever before. Over the next five years the majority of infrastructure investment will be outsourced.

Personally, I think it’s a remarkable act of industry statesmanship that Jajah would choose to share this kind of research in this fashion. Trevors explanation? A rising tide floats all boats.

Enjoy the conversation.

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