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Squawk Box May 27 – Truphone Anywhere

Truphone Anywhere wasn’t supposed to announce this morning, but gosh… it did! While we were on the line chatting with Truphone‘s James Body and Tom Carter, the team at Truphone HQ was madly reconfiguring their web site and getting the latest version of the Truphone client online.

So what’s special about it? Truphone Anywhere. Truphone Anywhere is a tool that lets Truphone users access Truphone’s famous low rates … via a local dial-in, and not just WiFi. Here in Canada, I will dedicate one of the MyFive numbers on my Rogers account to Truphone, which theoretically means I should be able to trim a substantial amount off my monthly bill.

Our call had over 20 people on it, with some very good questions asked by the various callers about how the Truphone model worked and Truphone’s business. In addition to the questions asked on the phone, there was also a lively discussion on the wall (account required to view).

On the call: Jeb Brilliant, James Body, Matthew Burpee, Andy Abramson, Dan York, Jim Courtney, Willhelm Wimmreuter, Mark Hewitt, Jeanette Fisher, Dave Brown, Ian Hood, Bill Volk, Warren Bent, Peter Childs, Jonathan Jensen, Randall Howard, Mike Pruyn, Todd Spraggins, Sheryl Breuker, Tom Carter, Greg McQuay, Roland Hanbury

Enjoy the call

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