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Illumio 3.0: your personal newspaper

Illumio, my mainstay when it comes to keeping on RSS, just got way better. WAY better.

If you haven’t seen illumio before, it’s a tool for filtering content feeds, according to your interests, and then sharing those feeds with others. It quite literally indexes every piece of information in your world (by grovelling your hard disk) and constructs a local filter list for you. Then, when you feed it a list of interesting news sources (I simply uploaded my OPML file many moons ago), it starts to compare incoming items on those feeds with the profile it has constructed for you.

With illumio 3.0, it constructs a personalized news pagebased on those feeds. I’m currently scanning nearly 400 feeds daily. Illumio lets me find the interesting stuff in minutes. I don’t know how I could survive without it.


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  • Eric Herberholz July 31, 2008, 8:34 am

    Any suggestions to the uninitiated, regarding the benefits of reading RSS feeds? I've got buy-in to the idea, and am looking for ideas about how to "sell" it to others (e.g. my colleagues at work).

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