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Access Truphone Anywhere

According to the UK site Techworld, Truphone is set to announce Truphone Anywhere, a service that lets you acccess the Truphone network from any mobile, whether on WiFi or not.

Truphone Anywhere dials a gateway on a local number, which then connects through to the destination number, saving money if it is an international call. Unlike some other services, this is transparent, with the call set-up handled automatically after the user dials the remote number. It is enabled partly by a recent Truphone acquisition, SIM4Travel, which provides cheap international calling through gateways in Europe.

This would address one of the last remaining flaws in Truphone’s offering. Currently, when I travel, I use both Truphone and Mobivox. Mobivox allows me to make outbound calls cheaply, and I use Truphone for all incoming calls and calls made from WiFi hotspots. With Truphone Anywhere, I wouldn’t need to go this convoluted route.

We’ll get the details at 11 AM on the SquawkBox. Stay tuned.

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