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Squawk Box May 21

Apologies for not getting this posted until today.  At the Mesh conference, while WiFi is free, most ports are blocked.  Uploading audio with FTP is problematic as a result.

On the call, we talked about Microsoft’s new “pay the user” search model.  Consensus? A desparate bid.  None of us felt that we would change our behaviour as a result of micro-payments.

And what about the rash of lawsuits being launched in the US by consumers against wireless providers? Finally fed up with byzantine contracts, billing plans, and high handed behaviour by the carriers, consumers are fighting back.  No surprise to any of us.  We’ve all experienced a carrier “sting” after tripping some unknown carve-out in the terms of service.

And finally we talked about Warner Records VP Technology Ethan Kaplan’s comments at Mesh.  Unfortunately, a glitch in the conference recording meant that I lost most of the tail end of that conversation.

On the call: Dan York, Brad Jones, Jim Courtney, Jeanette Fisher, Dave Brown, Adam Somer, Jeb Brilliant, Ian Hood, and Neal Saferstein

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