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Calling on VON Community Members

It’s no secret that VON is in trouble, and maybe dead. Jeff Pulver has resigned from the board of Pulvermedia, the people we all knew and loved that were part of the organization aren’t there any more (check out my pal Carl Ford’s group What should Carl Ford do next on Facebook, for example), and the industry has been wondering what will become of the community.

I am flattered that several people have pointed to my daily SquawkBox podcast as one way to continue to hold the VON community together. That wasn’t my intent, but I am happy to see the podcast evolve in that direction. With the SquawkBox I was simply looking for an effective way to showcase the iotum Conference Calling service on Facebook, and turned to my first love — technology — as a topic base. I rather think that over the long term events like Telco 2.0 and eComm will start to take the place of VON. However, recently people have said things to me like “I think this is special”, “SquawkBox is to podcasting, what twitter is to blogging”, “So you’ve got your own Gillmor Gang!” and other nice things. I’m especially flattered to have the show compared to Steve Gillmor’s show. He’s a journalist, and I’m the CEO of start-up with a blogging hobby. Big difference, and I’m honored to be in such august company!


  1. If you’re interested in continuing to participate in a community of like-minded technology industry people, feel free to join the daily call. You can find out what the topics are for any day by joining the Alec Saunders SquawkBox group on Facebook, following my twitter feed, or subscribing to my Hictu feed using your blog reader. I broadcast the topics of the call there mostly daily using a short video clip created using Luca Fillighedu’s Hictu system. Sometimes I miss a day when things get really busy at iotum, but following on Twitter is usually a pretty good way to keep up with it.
  2. We love having guests on the call. If you have a topic that you want to discuss, or if you have a product announcement that you’re making (hint to all those PR folk out there jonesing for coverage for their clients!), then send me email to schedule a time. NOTE: I will not take requests for guests on the day of your announcement. I honor embargoes, scrupulously. I simply want to have a chance to prepare for the interview so that I can do the best job for both the guest and the listeners.
  3. We love having guest hosts on the show. It makes for better content because the interviewer has a different angle on the topic, and occasionally I really NEED a guest host, especially when I travel. If you’re interested in being a guest host or a co-host on the show, then please contact me. This is a great opportunity for people to dabble in podcasting who don’t want to make a full time commitment to it, by the way.

SquawkBox is distributed on iTunes, by the way. I was pleased to learn that in just 4 months we’ve gone to a full slate of grey bars for popularity. Don’t know what that means in absolute terms, but it can’t be bad, right? If you’re an iTunes user and would like to subscribe, click here.

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