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Top Mobile 20 Contest Launches

At Mobile World Congress back in February I spend a bit of time with Jeb Brilliant, of Brilliant Productions (note to self… ask Jeb if his last name is really Brilliant. After all, he lives in LA.  Could be a stage name!)

Anyway, he’s launched a contest — the Top Mobile 20 — which is all about bringing you the best in smart phone software.  There are twenty software categories:

  1. Top all around software
  2. Top mobile email application
  3. Top IM application
  4. Top VOIP application
  5. Top SMS Application
  6. Top software from outside the US
  7. Top navigation (GPS, AGPS, location based services) software
  8. Top picture handling software
  9. Top video software
  10. Top music application
  11. Top startup without venture capital
  12. Top mobile game
  13. Top mobile security software
  14. Top content aggregator (RSS)
  15. Top mobile backup and or recovery software
  16. Top single person company
  17. Top money saving application
  18. Top security software
  19. Top new software (less then 1 year old as of Feb 11, ?08)
  20. Top free software

If you’re a mobile software developer, enter your application in the contest.  It doesn’t cost much to make a submission.  And if you’re a smartphone user, check out the web page to see what’s hot in mobile software.

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