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Squawk Box May 7 – special guest Ribbit

This morning we had the Ribbit team on the call. Ribbit continues to be one of the more interesting voice plays in the market, as they have figured out how to build out the application platform and revenue model that allows ordinary developers (web developers, not IMS geeks!) to be able to successfully incorporate voice into their web applications.

Ted and Greg walked us through the Ribbit for Salesforce application, as well as the overall Ribbit strategy, and we had some good and very intriguing questions from the likes of Dan York and Martyn Davies.

Enjoy the podcast! Tomorrow I won’t be on the call, because I’ll be on a flight, but Dan York will lead a discussion on 2 recent developments… the recent speculation that carriers may be trying to build a Skype competitor, and the new Wimax investments by McCaw and company.

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