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Ribbit for Salesforce debuts

Ribbit for Salesforce debuted today. First demonstrated at the company’s launch last December, Ribbit for Salesforce has been in beta since, at 70 businesses. It’s now available to all US customers of salesforce.com, via the salesforce.com AppExchange. Prices start at $25/month with a 30 day free trial.

The product looks very good, including the ability to dictate, transcribe and automate various sales processes. For instance, with Ribbit for Salesforce, sales people could dictate meeting notes from the car, making productive use of transit time between meetings. For that reason alone, it deserves a look.

The vision story is a little loftier. Ribbit says they’re creating a new category of applications, called voice automation, with this release. The idea is that mobile voice services will become triggers for business processes, not just in CRM, but in many other kinds of applications .

As part of today’s announcement, Ribbit introduced a new technology — “voice automation” — a new category of services designed to increase productivity by automating and integrating voice into the workflow of mission-critical applications. Ribbit for Salesforce is the first of many innovative services expected in this new category.


I had a chance to speak with Ribbit CEO Ted Griggs, VP Marketing Don Thorson, and Salesforce for Ribbit product manager Greg Goldfarb. Enjoy this short interview, and join us Wednesday at 11 on the SquawkBox for a more in depth discussion of voice automation and Ribbit for Salesforce.

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