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Squawk Box May 5th

Yahoo and Microsoft’s dead deal. How could we not think of discussing it? And so we did. We discussed the possibility of shareholder lawsuits, the price of the shares, morale at both companies, and whether or not the executives involved should keep their jobs.

We also heard from Jim Courtney about the ground breaking announcement that Rogers will be the first North American carrier to offer the Nokia N-95, and chatted about how Canadian consumers can take advantage of Rogers’ plans. And we had a good discussion about how public WiFi is being under-resourced due to low capacity back haul.

And yes, although the recording says SquawkBox for May 8th… it actually is May 5th.

On the call: Jim Courtney, Andy Abramson, Ken Camp, Dave Brown, Brad Jones, Ragui Kamel, Adam Somer, Ian Hood, Bill Volk, Mike Pruyn, and Sheryl Breuker.


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