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Rogers and the N95

Widely reported Friday was Rogers Communications decision to bring the remarkable Nokia N95 to Canadian customers. Beginning tomorrow, Rogers will offer the 8G version of this phone for $399 on a 3 year contract. By comparison, discounter Tiger Direct offers the 8G N95, unlocked, for $780.99. A nearly $400 discount is nothing to sniff at!

As I’ve written here many times, the N95 is one of my favourite phones. The camera is second to none in the market, and the N95’s 3G capabilities are truly transforming. Check out my photos and videos from the Police concert in Ottawa. Once you’ve used a device like this, you simply won’t go back.


To get the $399 price you have to sign up for 3 years of the Rogers Vision service. It’s not that onerous. For $20/month you get XM Satellite radio, video calling, video on demand and more. But to really take advantage of all the N95 has to offer you’re going to want to sign up for the unadvertised gigabyte data plan at an additional $65 / month. With that you’ll be able to use services like Nokia’s OVI, and QIK. Ask your Rogers rep on the telephone.

I’m impressed. I’ve thrown a lot of rocks at Canadian carriers, including Rogers, over the last year for their regressive data plan pricing. Rogers has just thrown a curveball back, and I’m loving the opportunity to eat a little crow.

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  • Jim Courtney May 5, 2008, 3:24 am

    Actually Rogers will be introducing the N95 8GB which has several new features beyond the introductory N95. I'll be dicsussing them in a post tomorrow.

  • Tim G May 5, 2008, 9:23 am

    Since there is no keyboard, how does one type? Does a pen come with it?

  • Alec May 5, 2008, 9:26 am

    no touch, Tim. The one thing it’s not good for is writing long messages. I have a BlackBerry for that.

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