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Mesh and MeshU

The third Mesh Conference is coming to Toronto May 21st. Having missed the first two, I’m dying to get to this one. The Mesh team has consistently produced a roster of top notch speakers, and this year will be no different. Want to talk digital music? How about chatting with Warner’s Ethan Kaplan? Or Michael Geist… the two of them should be interesting sparring partners! And that’s just a taste of the roster.

The undersold part of Mesh, frankly, is MeshU – a one day “how to” that happens the day before the main conference. If learning from entrepreneurs who are experiencing the same core hurdles and problems that we all see every day is your idea of time well spent… well, MeshU might be just the ticket. Design, development and management strategies from folks who live and breath this stuff day to day.

See you there.

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