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Squawk Box May 1 – the mobile news roundup

Today was mobile day on the Squawkbox.  There were a ton of stories that broke today, and I selected a half dozen to discuss:

AT&T has started providing free WiFi access to iPhone users at 71,000 hotspots. We loved this move.  It puts a ton of pressure on other carriers to follow suit.

AT&T’s plans to deep discount the iPhone.  Clearly AT&T loves the data revenues, and is trying to find more ways to get more data customers and quickly.

Forbes details Apple’s larger strategy. We didn’t talk about this much, but it’s a bit of a puff piece.

Nokia’s Beta Labs helps the company drive innovation. We loved this move.  It’s such web 2.0 idea.

The BlackBerry Quickstart — RIM’s first clamshell. Our panel says: Why?  Does anybody care about clamshells anymore?

T-Mo will debut 3G as… voice only? No data?. Dumb.  It ain’t gonna staunch the wound, as customers continue to bail out on T-Mo for better data service elsewhere.

Also discussed – reports that Rogers will be bringing iPhone to Canada sometime soon.  When and for how much are complete unknowns.  Apparently, however, there will be a press conference about the N95 tomorrow.

AND… at the end we had a couple of dissatisfied folks voice their opinion about Skype’s new calling plans.

On the call: Jim Courtney, Dan York, Andy Abramson, James Body, David Brown, Jesse Hirsh, Adam Somer, Ian Hood, Bill Volk, Sheryl Breuker, and David Beckemeyer.

Enjoy the show!

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