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Squawk Box April 29 – Guest Roman Scharf

Today we talked with Jajah co-Founder Roman Scharf about their big announcements this morning.

We started by discussing the 10 million users that JAJAH announced.  It turned out that these were pure JAJAH users, and that buttons and other widgets comprise only a small portion of those 10 million.  According to Roman, growth in JAJAH Web and JAJAH Direct has been 600% over the last year.  Moreover, none of the users from their Jangl agreement, or other partner agreements were included.

We also discussed the Yahoo agreement and the managed services platform.  Dan York took the lead asking questions here, and did a great job.

Roman talked about the advantages of JAJAH owning its own network.  Among the many were lower costs, better quality control, and reduced fraud.  In my conversation with Daniel last week, one of the points he highlighted was that JAJAH had taken steps to deal with fraud. He highlighted it as industry leading fraud prevention.  Roman reinforced this discussing how fraud prevention has become one of the key selling points for the platform.

Finally, one of the frequent comparisons is between JAJAH and Skype,  a point which Roman was quick to shoot down.  JAJAH is not Skype, he said.  JAJAH users are primarily ordinary phone users — not headset users.

Enjoy the podcast.  See you tomorrow on the SquawkBox.

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