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Morgan Stanley mobile trends

Morgan Stanley’s Internet Trends report for March of 2008 is out. You may have seen the reports from TechCrunch, where Michael Arrington has focused nearly entirely on the social networking trends.

I also found the mobile trends, starting on slide 42, to be dramatic.

Morgan Stanley is forecasting that the inflection point for 3G service will come in 2009, as greater than 20% of the global mobile user base will be 3G subscribers.

The iPhone’s adoption rate is crushing all previous records. The presentation (perhaps unfairly) compares iPhones adoption to RIM a decade ago, but the point is striking nonetheless. Apple’s timing is uncanny, hitting the market at the instant that smartphone adoption is finally taking off.

It’s a dense presentation, but worth a view. Too bad that SlideShare is such a sucky way to read all the microscopic type on the slides.

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