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Nokia N82: a journalists’ workhorse

The Technical Image Press Association today crowned the Nokia N82 camera phone the “Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe“. The specs on the N82 are virtually identical to the N95, but it comes in a sleeker candy bar form factor. The jurors said “This Carl Zeiss Tessar focuses from 10cm to infinity and produces sharp prints up to and beyond A4 size. Several scene modes are also available to optimize the Nokia N82 for great images, whether shooting portraits or night shots.” As a journalist’s tool, the N82 also supports mapping, and geotagging of the images.

Although I’ve become a huge fan of the Apple iPhone, it’s also clear to me that Nokia phones are head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to photography and other advanced media capabilities. Today’s award reinforces that the N-Series devices are far more than the simple phones of yesterday. They’re serious tools.

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