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Squawk Box April 24 – Guest Eric Quanstrom

SightSpeed’s Eric Quanstrom gave us the low-down on SightSpeed Light for MySpace this morning — what it does, how it works, why MySpace, what the experience of developing for MySpace was like, and a whole bunch more.

Embedded in user’s profiles, Sightspeed Light lets users talk in real time, or with threaded video conversations. Although it’s separate from SightSpeed currently, Eric told us that an upcoming release would allow SightSpeed Light users to connect with SightSpeed users who aren’t on MySpace. Eric also revealed that SightSpeed is likely to take SightSpeed Light to another OpenSocial platform in the near future, and that the company may also release plug-in’s for popular blogging platforms.

With us on the call: Alec Saunders, Neal Saferstein, Randall howard, Dan York, Jeanette Fisher, Aaron Huslage, Adam Somer, Ian Hood, Jim Byrnes, Mike Pruyn, and of course, Eric Quanstrom.

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