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Sightspeed Light, for MySpace

The team at Sightspeed upped the ante on video chat yesterday, announcing Sightspeed Light, for MySpace. They’re offering video mail, public video posting, and video chat to MySpace users.  And in a move reminiscent of some other startups, like Seesmic and Hictu, they’re offering threaded video conversations as well.  Record a short video, post it to your page, and wait for a reply.

Sightspeed’s move is smart for two reasons:

  1. It takes video directly to a youth audience in the environment that they’re comfortable with. Expect to see lots of creative uses for video coming from the MySpace audience.
  2. It backfill’s the MySpace feature set, making the service more competitive against Facebook, which already has the video messaging feature being supplied by SightSpeed.

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