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SquawkBox April 22 – Skype and Twitter

This morning’s call was pretty animated.

A discussion, of Skype’s new pricing, which quickly delved into how much of an impact the pricing might have on their market share.  Consensus: not much.

And then a discussion of Twitter’s outage, and who it impacted.  Outside the Silicon Valley echo chamber, we thought most people wouldn’t likely know.

On the call: Alec Saunders, Jim Courtney, Dan York, James Body, Jonathan Jensen, Dave Brown, Wilhelm Wimmreuter, Moshe Maeir, Adam Somer, Ian Hood, Cece Salomon-Lee

Sound quality was less than stellar for me.  Unfortunately, Windows Vista insists on restoring input levels to defaults (which are too high) on reboot.  My microphone clipped the whole call.

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