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Truphone rakes in £16.5m series B

The rumours have been circulating for some weeks about Truphone’s series B financing. Today Truphone announced a raise of £16.5m, or approximately $33 million, this after acquiring operator Sim4Travel a week ago.  The raise was smaller than some of the rumours intimated (numbers as high as $60 million were being bandied about), but is still a substantial amount of money.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the press release, though, was the final couple of paragraphs, which read

The company has developed a carrier-grade, global operator infrastructure including a global network of SIP gateways, a Nokia Siemens Networks mobile network Home Location Register (HLR) and a GSM identifier.  The infrastructure is capable of supporting 40 million customers worldwide.

This is all enabled by a series of global agreements with PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) providers.

This odd bit of information, for a funding release, suggests that the company is planning to do much more than operate a simple WiFi voice service, and maybe more than providing low cost SIMs for travellers.

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  • Andrew April 17, 2008, 6:33 am

    Truphone defines a new business category I call MVNO 2.0, and done well.

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