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Squawk Box Preview April 15

There are several interesting threads on mobile this morning that are worth drawing attention to.

The first is Mowser founder Russell Beattie’s declaration that the mobile web is dead. His thesis is that as browsers become more sophisticated, standard content will do. As an acolyte of Moore’s Law, I don’t necessarily disagree with Beattie. Why then the success of services like DoCoMo in Japan?

Next is the Economist on the impact of mobile communications in our lives. A wide ranging piece, it examines everything from relationships to urban planning. Hand in glove with this one was this fascinating study of the impact of the mobile phone on relationships amongst young palestinians. When young men give their paramours cellular phones in order to covertly converse outside the supervision of fathers and brothers, what happens next? Is it liberating, or a new kind of domestic bondage?

Join us at 11 AM on the Squawk Box where we discuss these topics and more…

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