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Squawk Box April 15

We discussed, we debated, and we argued the meaning and pulse of the mobile web.  And in the end, as Russell Beattie did, we concluded that the mobile web as it was conceived, is dead.    Moore’s law, the lack of common standards, and the indifference of North American carriers have all conspired to kill the mobile web dead.  There is no mobile web.  There is only the fact that the web is becoming mobile.

We also had a lengthy conversation about Apple’s iPhone SDK, developer programs, and whether or not a “Jailbroken” iphone developer might be penalized by Apple.  Fring was the example we talked about, as they have defied Apple and simply gone ahead and built an application for iPhone.

The Economist article on mobile nomads was sadly a casualty of time.  We ‘ll discuss it tomorrow instead.

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