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Squawk April 7 Preview

Good Monday morning and here are the details for today’s Squawk Box.

This morning we’ll be talking with Simon Ditner and Evan Liebovitch to find a little about this week’s IT 360 show in Toronto. What’s it about, and what will they be doing there. I’m sure it has something to with Asterisk.

And if time remains, we’ll also discuss a couple of the hot stories that emerged over the weekend. The NY Times says that blogging can kill you. With three of my friends having had heart attacks this year, it’s hard to disagree! But is three a trend? And how about the way that Shel Israel and Loren Feldman have been circling the hydrant? It’s been like watching a car accident — tough to tear your eyes away, but ugly nonetheless Is there a lesson there for satirists and those targeted by satirists alike?

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  • Alec April 8, 2008, 10:14 am

    thanks for that Dana. We in the VoIP blogging community will miss him, and I was certainly looking forward to connecting up with him in San Jose. If I'd been there a few days earlier…

  • Dana Blankenhorn April 8, 2008, 11:44 am

    As a long time friend of Russell, who was interviewed (but not quoted) for the NYTimes story, I thought y’all might be interested in my own views about all this. But it’s long, so here’s a link.


    My own solution, by the way, includes daily exercise, weekend bike rides, the love of a good woman, and rampant hypochondria!

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