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Squawk Box April 3 Preview

David Spark of The Spark Minute and Spark Media Solutions will be sub hosting for Alec Saunders for Thursday’s Squawk Box (April 3rd) at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific. Our guest is Sam Levin, the on-air/podcast host/technologist for Cool Mac/Tech Picks, Inside Mac Radio/TV and he’s also a consultant in the emerging technology industry. We’ve got three great subjects:

  1. Capitalizing on Twitter. Twittertising, TwitterCoupons, and TweetDeals. These are deals and advertising that can only be found in your Twittersphere.
  2. Which online social networks make sense for your organization? David Spark just finished up a story for PCWorld.com entitled “Ten Steps to Getting you Up and Running with Business Social Networking.” One of the issues is finding those communities that are right for your sphere. What works for you?
  3. GetSatisfaction.com – It appears that getsatisfaction.com is a great community site revolving around products people care about. It involves users and employees that work at the company whose product or service you’re using.

Join us for the conversation on Thursday at 11am Eastern/8am Pacific. Make sure you install the Free Conference Calling Facebook application first.

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