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Cage match for the future of PulverMedia?

Through an unfortunate twist of fate, it's nearly impossible to find out anything about Jeff Pulver and his company this morning in Google Blogsearch.  You see, in a bizarre twist of fate, all searches on Pulver are being eclipsed by the recently announced mixed martial arts match between Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver

My search this morning was for any news on Pulvermedia.  I consider Jeff a friend and mentor, who on countless occasions stepped up to challenge the status quo, and lead the VoIP industry.  The rumours swirling the last few days about his organization have had me worried for my friend and his colleagues.  This isn't good news, if true, for our industry at all. 

And Jeff, if it gets ugly, this guy Jens Pulver (any relation?) might be worth knowing.  Apparently he's something of a phenomenon in ring.  


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