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Web sites are broken under Safari

I was just chatting with my brother Matthew last night about the problems we're having with Safari.  Indeed, he tells me that his company (the award winning Drupal site developer pingVision) has similar headaches.  And this morning, Computerworld reports the same — that many web sites don't work under Safari. Flash, in particular, seems to be a problem. That's been our experience also, as the iotum FREE Conference Calls application displays but doesn't function under Safari.  Our advice to Macintosh users has been to use Firefox. 

Microsoft's response was essentially "nobody uses Safari, so we're not working on it right now".  That may not be enough, however, as the only browser available on iPhone is Safari.  Suddenly Apple's choice to push Safari to Windows desktop is looking like a very smart way to push Safari usage numbers high and encourage developers to optimize sites for their red-hot phone. 

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  • luca March 26, 2008, 10:13 am

    Safari under Windows maybe, since I always use FREE Conference Call under Safari and it rocks!

  • Alec March 26, 2008, 10:48 am

    Really! Hmmm… we’ve had reports from Mac users that it doesn’t work, but perhaps in the latest Macs there is no problem. I have had no luck with either Safari / Windows or Safari / iPhone.

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