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Meet Rick Segal in person at Ottawa’s VC Roundtable

Want to know what it will take to get a VC interested in your company? Everybody's favorite Canadian VC Rick Segal is coming to Ottawa on April 16 for the Ottawa edition of the VC Round Table and he wants to talk to you.  Here's your chance to informally interact with VCs, learn about what it is exactly that they do and how the funding process works. This is a small (and free!) get together across Canada's major cities where Rick Segal, JLA Ventures Partner and VC blogger (http://ricksegal.typepad.com) will walk through what getting involved with VCs is all about. Rick Segal will be hosting the Ottawa edition of the VC travelling roundtable on April 16th from 11am to 1pm at everyone’s favourite pub TheClockTower at 575 Bank Street. If you would like to attend sign up on the link below. 

There's only room for 25 people, though.  So if you're interested, click here to sign up. 

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  • Dan Larkin March 25, 2008, 7:17 am

    – Entrepreneur
    – 8 years at NRC with task of commercializing technologies
    – One of the Founders / Director of PharmaGap Inc
    – Director of Quest Uranium Corp.
    – Numerous early-stage projects underway
    – MBA Schulich School of Business, York U.
    – Geologist
    cell 613 620-6004

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