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VendorRate will buy you a latte for your opinion

Walking the aisle at VON yesterday, I ended up talking with Ray Beauchamp, VP Strategic Development for VendorRate.  They're a new company that allows potential purchasers of equipment to see how others felt about the relationships they have with the vendors they purchase from.  It's free to use, and he was offering a $5 Starbucks card for every new rating put into the database.  It's amazing what I'll do for a latte!

So I filled out a ranking on ThinkEngine Networks, the vendor that we purchased iotum's conference bridge from.  You can pay me later guys…

VendorRate looks like it could be a quick and easy evaluation tool for anyone looking to make a major equipment purchase.  And for sales people, it could be pure gold if you have a loyal and satisfied customer following.  The value, of course, will depend on the quality of the database they're able to build.  Hence the $5 latte cards.

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