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Goodbye Russell Shaw

A colleague and friend, Russell Shaw, has passed.  Russell was one of the most prolific bloggers I've ever met. I only knew him as a technology blogger, covering VoIP and Blackberry, and was surprised to learn today that he also wrote political commentary for the Huffington Post.  

What I'll remember the most about Russell was his interview style.  Always an engaged, inquiring and far reaching affair, he had a penchant for the Columbo line of inquiry — "Ah, one more thing I was thinking about" — that frequently led to information that no other interviewers unearthed.  His writing was precise and insightful; his commentary lucid.  He captured the essence of the story in a way that other writers admired but were often unable to duplicate. 

I was hoping to meet Russell this week at the VON show in San Jose.  Sadly, that can't happen now, and I feel poorer for it.  My sincerest condolences to Russell, his family, and friends. 

Russell, you'll be missed by many.   

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