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Squawk Box March 14, hosted by David Spark

We had a very lively discussion today on the SquawkBox.

Is twittering during a conference session considered rude? Will it put panel attendees and moderators more on their toes? We got a very lively discussion about the value of Twitter during live events and whether it's rude. But now conferences are putting their Twitter feeds up on the big screen for everyone to see. Maybe that will make them less rude, but still keep the panelists accountable for their actions on stage. Like a information ticker on CNN, it adds another dimension of content for the show.

The discussion of Twitter dovetailed us nicely into a discussion about conferences in general. We've all been to them and we've all spoken at them and there was lots of advice on what makes a good session. Effective use or no use of PowerPoint (see DEMO) and truly being a passionate speaker (see TED).

I think we got completely exhausted by the third topic, Hulu. Will it be a force in the online video viewing space? Patrick Kearney of Participant Productions who has experience launching video enabled sites had the greatest in the trenches experience to speak about Hulu and the competition.

Listen to the lively discussion.

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