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Squawk Box March 11 hosted By Howard H. Thaw

Yesterday's call centered around the issues of portability -Portability of our NumbersPortability of our DataPortability of our Devices

Our special guest was Rod Ullens, CEO and co-founder of Voxbone (Belgium) – Voxbone provides international VOIP DID numbers and worldwide VOIP origination services. Rod is attending eComm this week and will be making some important announcements that everyone will want to hear about … especially as it pertains to number portability ! He gives a preview in the podcast.

On this call we also discussed Mark Zuckerberg's recent interview about Facebook's approach to data portability and his perspective on having to sort through all of the privacy and security issues for individual Facebook members before jumping into the larger issues of portability.  

There was an interesting discussion around Wal-Mart's decision to discontinue the sale of computers pre-loaded with linux.

We finally had an entertaining discussion about the individual who missed their flight after being detained at a TSA checkpoint, because the staff examining his MacBook Air was unable to clearly identify the device according to "what their criteria for a computer" dictated. Was this an example of "Failure in TSA training and/or common-sense" or an oversight in the Apple Marketing Manager's Launch Plans – download this podcast to find out … 

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