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Squawk Box March 10 hosted by Jim Courtney

Post written by today's host Jim Courtney.

Later this week I'll be attending eComm 2008 – a forum for discussing the future of communications enhanced services. Founder Lee Dryburgh calls it the "Trillion Dollar Industry Rethink. And they will be talking about how we can look for new communications enhanced business processes. Keynote speaker Jonathan Christensen (who has been a previous guest on Squawk Box), in a lead up interview, said:

"About the future of communications: It's going to be messy for a while but it is going to happen, and the Internet will survive as the one open platform. You are going to see a trend towards extreme innovation at the edges—on the devices, in the PC platform, in software, all around the edge of the Internet."

However, over the past three years several developers have brought out Skype Partner solutions that not only disrupt legacy services – they represent "innovation at the edges" while presentomg new price points such that even the smallest business can take advantage of services such as web conferencing and call centers.

This morning we have three guests who offer Skype Extras: Rebecca Cavagnari, Vice President of Marketing for Convenos, publisher of Convenos Meeting Center, a web Conferencing service that incorporates Skype. And Pat Kelly, CEO of OnState Communications who have developed a Call Center service that incorporates Skype such that even the smallest of businesses can afford to have a call center. Finally Dick Schiferli, of PamConsult who offer PamFax, a worldwide faxing service using Skype's infrastructure and Pamela, Call Management Softwar for assisting with Skype usage.

Skype Journal reviews:

I have defined Convenos Meeting Center as the persistent collaborative conference board room on the Internet. And OnState is a leader in the "No Hardware" revolution by providing a hosted service that elimnates any capital investment requirement for a call center operation. PamFax was the winner of Skype's 2007 Mashup competition.

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