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Two nice utilities

A couple of short links to useful utilities:

If you're a Twitter user, check out Twibble.  Twibble is a mobile java client for Twitter that includes the capability to location tag tweets.  I have it running on my N95 right now.  VERY cool!

If you're an Outlook and a Google Calendar user, they now have the ability to synchronize calendars.  Hallelujah!  Now I'll be able to coordinate my busy show calendar with the team at Comunicano. 

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  • Rich Loen March 6, 2008, 11:58 am

    I've been waiting for a decent version of the Google Calendar sync app. I've tried 3 or 4 of the existing solutions and they all fail for one reason or another – up to bricking my entire Outlook installation, and requiring a re-install.

    This is an important app for some people. If your company uses Blackberry Enterprise Server, and you really want to use Google Calendar, you really need a way to keep 'em all in sync.

    I've also tried the blackberry app for calendar syncing. Lots of issues, including locking up my BB completely.

    The Google app is nice – simple. And it has issues too. For instance, it does not reliably sync all items. About 3/4 of the items sync OK. It appears to have issues with recurring meeting requests that someone else originated. Just the fact that it is missing some items gives you that shiver up your spine – you always wonder what events have been omitted. So, rats.

    Second, check your Outlook deleted items. EVERY TIME IT SYNCS, it deletes ALL appointments, and recreates them. So, you have a ton of deleted appointments in your deleted items. Every two hours. I shudder to think if you are syncing every 10 minutes. Rats.

    I'm sure they'll work it out.

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