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Squawk Box March 3 Preview – the BlackBerry Tax

A friend of mine observed last week that all those unlimited plans exclude Blackberry, and asked "How long will we be paying the BlackBerry Tax as well as our data charge?".  Carriers are carving out BlackBerry as a value added service that customers should pay extra for. This morning on SquawkBox we'll the topic of unlimited data plans. But, we'll talk about it in the context of value added data services.   Is the BlackBerry model sustainable?  How many other services like this do you believe consumers might pay for?  This should be a lively discussion.

And the other topic?  Rumor has it that Microsoft is getting ready to unveil online versions of the office apps to counter the "Google Threat".  This morning, however, they've announced hosted services — exchange, sharepoint, office communication server.  Damp squib, as some have suggested?  Or… "what google threat?".  Where do you stand?


See you at 11 on SquawkBox!

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