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Squawk Box Feb 27 Preview

Some people are going to be house bound in the great white north today.  It's snowing.  Today's guest on Squawkbox couldn't be more timely! 

This morning we're talking with Karel Lukas, from Yugma.  Yugma is a free web collaboration service that enables people to instantly connect over the internet to communicate and share content and ideas using any application or software. It works on Windows, Linux or the Mac.  Popular uses include hosting study groups or tutoring sessions, hosting virtual clubs or social events, presenting proposals or creative work, product demonstrations, training, customer service, team reviews, remote support and troubleshooting, and collaboration by artists, writers, and design professionals.

Karel's going to talk with us a little about how Yugma is different from other offerings available today, and also give us a flavor for where his company plans to take this technology.

Hope you can join us at 11 AM EST. 

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