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Talking up SquawkBox with Hictu!

Welcome to a new way to promote the SquawkBox — Luca Filigheddu's Hictu!.  Each morning i'll record a 1 minute preview of the day's call.  You can subscribe to it via this RSS feed

And this morning's call?

Today's topics:

1. The death of mobile application development.  Rubicon's Michael Mace published a lengthy piece over the weekend where he basically said that operator greed combined with platform fragmentation has killed the market for mobile applications.  According to Mace, it's now too expensive to develop for the platform, and the distribution channel takes too much money from the developer to make mobile a viable platform.  We'll discuss this, since it's a pretty bold assertion. 


2. Yesterday Skype announced the appointment of a new a CEO, former shopping.com exec and evite co-founder Josh Silverman.  It naturally generated a fair amount of comment online.  What do you think the biggest challenges he faces are?  What needs to be done at Skype to turn things around?


3. Over the last few weeks, Facebook has announced a series of changes designed at curbing spam invites, and helping users make better choices about which applications to install.  These are the reviews section on the applications about page, the ability to clear all the invites from profile, the ability to block applications when invited to them, and restrictions on the number of invites that an application can send, based on how many people respond to them.  Is it helping?

See you at 11 AM EST. If you haven't already registered, the call URL is: http://tinyurl.com/35u8be

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