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Facebook implements easy app block

On January 30, Facebook implement a feature called "Ignore all requests", which allowed users to wipe out the hundreds of spam requests that were clogging Facebook profiles.  It was a good first start, but I wrote at the time that an even more useful feature would be to be able to easily block an application.  I suggested something like this:


As I returned from Barcelona this weekend, I saw that this suggestion had been implemented.  It doesn’t look quite the same, graphically, but it performs the function I suggested.  Now, when you get a request to join an obnoxious spammy application, you can just press block, and you’ll never see another request again. 


And the result?  I returned from Barcelona to nearly 200 requests in my inbox.  After blocking the worst of the applications — the vampires, werewolves, and so on — I have had just 3 or 4 requests per day since.

Nice work, Facebook!

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