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Toshiba drops HD-DVD

So Toshiba has announced their decision to bail on HD-DVD.  Curiously, they announced no commitment to Blu-Ray.  Nor have they made any content commitments beyond having a dialog with the studio partners.  They have simply said that they're discontinuing the fight in order to help the industry in its effort to foster the creation of more high definition content. 

It's a bummer for those of us who have purchased HD-DVD players and disks that play on them.  High definition content is noticeably better than standard definition, and the players and disks for HD-DVD were substantially less expensive with better features that Blu-ray. 

This is a triumph of marketing over quality and experience. 

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  • Chris February 19, 2008, 9:45 am

    I was an early HD-DVD adopter, having purchased a HD-A1 in the first month of its release. At the time, the player cost ~$499. When the first Blu-Ray players came out a few months later, they were roughly double the price – except for the PS3. If you could find a PS3 anywhere.

    Also, does anyone else remember how disappointing some of those early Blu-Ray movies were, like The Fifth Element? It took Blu-Ray months to catch up, and even then the hardware did not have all the features of HD-DVD hardware. My first-generation player had 5.1 audio outs and its 1080i video output worked just fine with my HDTV.

    I’ll probably pick up an HD-A3 or XA2 when the fire sale starts in earnest, along with some clearance-priced HD-DVDs.

    Blu-Ray? I’ll wait until decent $150-$200 players are on the market from Panasonic or Toshiba.

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