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Microsoft pushes Mobile Broadband PC

Swinging through the Microsoft booth on the last day of Mobile World Congress, I happened to catch sight of their display promoting the Mobile Broadband PC concept.  The concept is pretty simple: take an ordinary laptop and sell it equipped with a 3G modem.  Who wouldn’t want always on connectivity plus mobility, right?

Give Microsoft credit for this one, though.  They’ve done a ton of research into consumer demand, built programs to allow the software to be leased on a monthly basis like cell phone service and more.  And the vendors are sitting up and taking notice.  At the booth they showed two PC’s – one shipping from Dell and one a prototype.  A half dozen more were also being shown at the GSMA pavilion.


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  • Kris Fuehr February 22, 2008, 7:55 pm

    Microsoft is doing some impressive work in this area. Hope people take notice.

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