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Yahoo! launches OneConnect

One of the very cool applications which debuted at Mobile World Congress was Yahoo OneConnect.  It’s a new tool that allows mobile users to aggregate social networking updates and messaging in one spot on the phone.  That means you can interact with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo Messenger and so on from a single place, as well as send and receive status updates.  It also provides location based services, so that you can see which friends are nearby.  And OneConnnect is integrated with the phone’s address book, to allow easy updates, dialing and so on.

I was pretty impressed.  This is one of the more seriously cool applications I saw at Mobile World Congress.  Here’s a photo demonstrating the application taking on the Yahoo booth.


And here’s a short video of the demonstration.  I was forced to stop recording after a few minutes when the Yahoo! police showed up to say that no recordings were permitted.  Thankfully they didn’t try to confiscate my phone! 

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